The First Post

So, I’ve decided to start a blog to serve as a journal and electronic scrapbook for my research. It seemed like a good idea – it could serve as a front or identity, allowing potential interviewees and gatekeepers to get to know me, and it would encourage me to think and write about the research process – right until the time came to write the First Post. But, every blog needs a beginning. I suppose introducing myself and my research interests might be a good place to start. Originally from Denmark, I was educated as a sociologist in Ireland, where I continue to work. I live in Dublin’s inner city with my partner Gary and our two dogs. My Masters thesis was based on an ethnographic exploration of the construction of identity on tourbuses, and my PhD considered the processes on knowledge construction and diffusion in the organic food movement.

My research interests centre around knowledge and alternative forms of education, the relationship between society and nature, and social movements, activism and civil society. My research so far has been mostly ethnographic in nature. This blog will chart my experiments with visual research methods. Seems I managed a first post afterall. Sure, noone ever reads those anyway, do they?


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