brand new allotments

Last year, Dublin City Council knocked down three blocks of flats off Cork Street. The site has since been used for circuses and funfairs, but now part of it has been made into a small number of allotments. They have been looking empty and lonely for the past few weeks, but the other day I spotted the first signs of life. It will be interesting to follow the progress of these spaces from demolition site to gardens.


3 responses to “brand new allotments

  1. hi annette,
    Love the blog and I even read the first post. looking forward to learning more on the gardens. what blocks of flats was demolished? do you know if there was a regen project initially for them?

  2. Hi Katia, Thanks!
    I heard that DCC were planning to build new state-of-the-art social housing on the site before the recession hit. They haven’t sold off the plot, and as you can only lease the allotments for 11 months, it is possible that there are still long term plans for the project to go ahead. We’ll see what happens.

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